A lifelong love affair...

When your a kid thinking..."what do I want to be when I grow up?". It's usually something along the lines of a "teacher" or "nurse"...you know, something BIG. Rarely do you hear a child say, I want to be an artist. Yet, from the day I could color, draw or daydream...I have been studying the world. Watching. Listening. Before I held a camera, I was taking pictures. I just didn't realize it until I held my first camera.

Being a photographer, is so much more than holding a piece of equipment. There is a technical side with all these numbers, ratios, composition and physics...major nerd stuff. Yet, it's this nerd stuff that continues to inspire me even after 20 years. Then there is a personal side where I help people to appreciate themselves, and embrace the little moments in their lives. 

It's hard to believe that after all these years, I am still in LOVE with being a photographer. I love making people feel good about themselves. I love bringing all the right elements together to create photography that has a certain quality and style that is unique to me. Not because I am special, rather because it appeals to me.

Recently, I had one of those moments where I realized...a photographer never stops being a photographer.

I believe I am 5 years old, playing at my grandparent's farm.

I believe I am 5 years old, playing at my grandparent's farm.