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In order to prevent overbooking, my online calendar has limited availability. If you are needing a certain day and it appears unavailable, it may actually be available. Call or text me at 417-823-0700 directly.


Planning Sessions

If you were to ask me what makes the most difference in your photo session, hands down it is a planning session.

Over the years, I have offered them a variety of ways, such as over the phone, video chat or in-person; yet hands down the most effective and popular is in-person. We talk, we laugh and I share my process without any of the usual distractions because this time is reserved exclusively for you.

Together, you and I talk about the photo session you want, need and dream about. You get to rest easy because you are planning with someone that really knows what works, what doesn't, where and when is best. It's hard to fully describe, but there is this exchange of excitement and energy that does carry into the actual photo shoot. It's unmistakable, but there is a real difference; not in the photography itself but my connection to the session. 



Aside from planning and the actual photo session, the showcase is perhaps the most important and exciting part of the process. Not only is this when you get to see your photos for the first time, it's when you place your order. 

After the reveal, I help you through the selection process. Typically a showcase takes 90 minutes, less if you are decisive.

In the past I have been asked if I do web galleries, I do offer web galleries with a retainer and minimum purchase of $525.

Once you have made your selection, most orders are processed within 1-2 weeks. During peak holiday times, some orders especially large, detailed ones may take several weeks.

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