My hours are by appointment only. 

Call or text 417-823-0700 to make your reserve your next session.


Planning Sessions

(before the session)

If you were to ask “the” one thing that makes the most difference in my photography, this is it. Helping you to prepare and avoid the pitfalls that commonly happen, will make or break your session.

If at all possible, meeting with me in-person is preferred. Hands down the best sessions happen when I have met with my client in-person because it allows me to connect and involve them in my creative process.

Not only do my clients feel more prepared,  I am able to tune into their style and personality first hand. The more I know about you, the better I can photograph and serve you.





(after the session)

Aside from planning the session, seeing your photos for the first time is the next exciting part of the process. Your photos will be ready to view within 1 week after your session.

A reveal session is when you pick the poses you are interested in purchasing. Most reveal sessions take 90 minutes, less if you are good at making decisions.

Once you have made your selection, most orders are processed within 1-2 weeks. During peak holiday times, some orders especially large, detailed ones may take several weeks.