The Santa Experience for Santa

You might be thinking...why would I want or need professional photos? You already work with a photographer and they give you some. A photo is a photo, right? What you are not taking into consideration is, this generation who has children is very different. They have been raised in a mindset where "Image is everything" and they are attracted to those who invest in their professional image.

Before they hire you to come into their homes, schools or businesses, they want to "see" you in the role of Santa or Mrs Claus. It's not enough to just have a photo of you in your suit, sitting with some random child. When they see you on my "Santa" set or on a snowy hand-painted draws them into your image as being the "real" Santa or Mrs. Claus.

This is the beauty of my photography - it's more than just a photo. A great deal of time and effort is spent on EACH photo. I enhance the colors, the detail, whiten your beard, hair or teeth plus I can add a little magic!! My goal is to bring Christmas alive with your likeness as Santa or Mrs Claus. You are welcome to bring your own props, although I do have a great deal of my own for you to use. 

Years from now, when your Santa days are done...your photos will become a keepsake for your family and closest friends to treasure and remember you as 'the' Santa.


The session - 30 to 45 minutes

Each session is approximately 30 to 45 minutes, I have a wide variety of poses and activities for you to do in the photos. A few are traditional ones like checking the list (twice), enjoying some milk and cookies, reading your mail, fixing a toy, putting toys under the tree, sprinkling magic on a toy or in the Santa bag, magic in a box, reading Night before Christmas, looking into the magical snow globe, and many, many more! I like to do a few with your coat, and few without the coat.


Viewing your images

It takes approximately an hour to go through a full session and narrow down to your favorite photos. Viewings are scheduled after the photo sessions. You only purchase as many photos as you want or need.  


Mini-session - 15 minutes

A mini-session is ideal for those wanting a quick photo for business cards, you can choose between my snowy background or Santa set.