As a freelance photographer, I work by appointment and my calendar varies greatly from to day. I book appointments when it best for my client, meaning I am available during the evenings and on weekends. If we are booking an outdoor session, keep in mind that ideal lighting is up to 2-3 hours after sunrise and 2-3 hours before sunset.  Most sessions are booked weeks in advance, sometimes months.

Legacy Session is a stylized photo session for individuals and families. Session fee is $450 and it includes a double make-over, dress fitting 2 weeks prior, up to 3 hours for a glamorous, catered photo session and preparation time to showcase the photography from your session. If you ever dreamed of having a "Supermodel Experience" this is it.

Custom sessions can be in-studio, outdoor or both. It doesn't matter what type of session you need; family, children or high school senior. The session fee is $100 and it gives you up to 2 hours of my photography time and preparation time to showcase the photos from your session.

Four Seasons is a themed portrait event offered by me on a limited engagement. The sessions are highly stylized and only the set or location for the event is offered. If you would like to pick your background or location, review the information for booking a custom session.  Click here for more information.


Regardless of the time of day, studio photography is ideal for those wanting a comfortable and climate controlled location with custom backgrounds.


Either out or indoors, on-location photography is ideal for those wanting realistic and organic environments as the background to their portraits.



A blended session is some in-studio,  on-location or outdoor which ideal for someone who wants a variety.

Goodnight Moon 2015 - Four Seasons

Goodnight Moon 2015 - Four Seasons

The Goods Defined:

A session is the time reserved by your photographer to create your photography. Reservation fees are due at the time you book your session and are non-refundable. They are non-refundable because once you make the appointment, it is no longer available. If you must cancel, you have up to 6 months to transfer your reservation to another session otherwise it is forfeited.

Digital Photography is electronic media created by using a digital camera or scanning film. Since 2004, I have exclusively offered digital photography using professional grade cameras, lighting and lenses.

Digital artistry is the knowledge, skill and talent one has to edit, retouch and enhance digital photography.  I can flawlessly swap expressions, change backgrounds, color-tint, remove imperfections, and change colors of clothing while maintaining a certain level of authenticity.

I offer two levels of digital photography and artistry:

  • Standard and LUX (High Resolution).
  • Standard is ideal for printing 5x7's or smaller and publishing on social media, also includes basic editing with light retouching.
  • High Resolution/LUX is ideal for printing 8x10 and larger, everything is skillfully enhanced and fully retouched.
  • All digital copies are "print ready".



My photography is sold as 'digital copy' with my permission to use for personal use/publication on social media or to make prints and other photography related products. They are bundled in collections. My rates are based upon my operating expenses and the demand for my services.  My collections start at $125 which includes 3 Standard poses, $225 for 3 LUX poses. These are the "files" you purchase to make your own prints with my permission.