It's your Legacy...

When you want to remember and be remembered, beautifully.

One of the things I greatly admire about photography is its ability to capture life and emotions. There is nothing more incrediable to me than when I catch genuine emotion, using the right lens, in the right light on the perfect background and at the best angle. It transcends everything because it's no longer just a photo or a moment, it becomes a part of a legacy.

I am a portrait and wedding photographer, it's what I do. Through my experience and expertise, I help people to be to be natural and comfortable in front of my camera while looking and feeling their best.  I love working with all ages from newborns to elderly, including fur babies.




Legacy session is a half day shoot with hair and make-up styling for up to 2 people. Requires a dress fitting and planning session to prepare for shoot. $450

A Custom session includes a couple hours of my time, your choice of in-studio or on-location or both, and up to 3 outfits.  $100

Personal Branding or Corporate Headshots depending on resolution Hi-res $125 and average resolution $50 - no session fee.

Digital photos start at $125. I do not offer printing services, however, I am happy to assist you in the printing process.


My wedding packages are based upon time and custom tailored to your needs. All packages include the digital photos, rights to print and an in-studio engagement session, prices start at $1200 for smaller weddings. Looking for the wedding of your dreams? Everything you could ever want and more is included in our 1-3 day photography plans from $2500 to 5200.

Vow Exchange/Renewals,  Justice of the Peace/Courthouse and Anniversaries are $250 per hour ( min 2, max 3) - includes digital photos with rights to print.




Four Seasons

A Four Seasons session are a one-of-a-kind, highly-stylized seasonal photo sessions. All locations or sets are three-dimensional with theatrical and dynamic lighting.

Four Seasons Collection ~ offered only in January or February includes:

  • 4 - 30 minute sessions (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter)
  • 10 photo credits - Hi-res (2 credits) and Average-Res (1 credit)
  • Digital album with qualifying purchase



If you are reading this, more than likely, you are shopping around for a photographer. I know it's hard to determine the value of one photographer over another. Some people think that a picture is just a picture, and all it takes to be a photographer is a camera and Photoshop. Yes, these are vital tools to my trade, but it's what I do with these tools that makes the difference.

It's hard to describe and put a dollar value on experience.  I can share that I am great with kids - amazingly great. I inspire them to do things especially without them knowing that I am actually directing them.  I know posing and I strive for it to look natural. I can even hide 10-20 pounds easily without Photoshop.

When it comes to styling your session - clothing, props and location - I take my cues from you. Depending upon your style, I pick things that I believe will be most appealing to you. I will say that I am not a fan of matchy - matchy, where everyone dresses exactly the same. Sure it's easy to shop for, but it looks so unnatural. Instead, I like to help coordinate colors and textures that are flattering.

Since I field questions on a daily basis, allow me to answer a few.

  • I charge $100 for a custom portrait session - babies, children, couples, families or high school seniors. It doesn't matter what we do or where we go, you have a couple of hours of my time.
  • A Legacy session is a specialty session where my clients have a luxury experience which requires a dress fitting a few weeks prior to the photo-shoot. I want to make sure that we have chosen the right outfits, and/or give you time to shop and schedule hair/nail appointments. A Legacy session is $450 which includes a double make-over with a licensed esthetician and a few hours of my time. A Legacy session is incredible and amzing experience, you will feel like a real life supermodel. If you prefer to do your own make-up and hair, then what you want is a custom session. 
  • I offer corporate and/or personal headshots at my studio. It is a quick photo session and does not require a session fee. Headshots are ideal for business cards, profiles and brochures.
  • I do not print photos, you are purchasing my photography is a digital format with my consent to print and publish your own photos. You have 2 resolutions to choose from - high-resolution which is ideal for printing or standard which is ideal for posting online.
  • I only do a few weddings a year. It's all about timing for me. It has nothing to do with how big or small your wedding is.
  • If you are looking for someone to instantly turnaround your photos, I am not your photographer.  I do my best to be timely, but it does take me time to process your photos.
  • I am a solo-entrepreneur. Everything about my business and your session is handled personally by me. Although I do have a few virtual assistants to help, if you don't readily hear from me, please contact me again. Keep in mind that email can be fickle, and sometimes the best way to contact me is by phone.