How Much?

Before I get a chance to exchange pleasantries or any details about creating the photography, I am often asked: "how much?".  I understand why people ask. I mean, what if it cost MILLIONS of dollars?! Very unlikely, but I wouldn't complain! Just saying - LOL!!

Price is a factor, but it's not as important as one thinks. What matters is knowing that YOUR time and investment is valued. I know how hard it is to get ready for a photo session, therefore, I do my best to make the photography process itself enjoyable and worry-free. I do this by listening and connecting with my clients while being prepared for all kinds of scenarios.

When I can help people to achieve what they are looking for, the price isn't nearly as important as one thinks. When I want something, I find a way. I save or budget for it. Or, I use a credit card to break up my purchase. This is why local couples and/or families hire me to travel with them and create their photography. They are confident that I will achieve what they want while in the moment, and afterward, I will be there for them. That comfort is very reassuring, especially when it's a once in a lifetime event.


I charge a creation (session) fee of $100 for custom sessions - this covers up to a few hours of my time and your choice of in-studio, outdoors or on-location.  This doesn't include any of the photos or images, this is a minimum payment for me to create the photos.


Prints - physical paper photographs in your choice of semi-gloss or metallic. 

  • 4x6 up to 8x10's -  $125 each
  • 11x14 -  $295
  • 16x20 - $595
  • 24x30 - $895
  • 30x40 - $1295

Included in the cost of the print, is the digital copy used to place your order. All prints are delivered directly to your door. Prints larger than 8x10 are mounted on art board and ready for framing unless matting is desired. 

Digitals - standard Resolution

  • 1 to 3 poses - $65 each
  • up to 7 poses - $58 each
  • up to 10 poses - $52 each
  • up to 15 poses - $45 each
  • up to 20 poses - $42 each
  • over 20 poses - $40 each

Digitals include my permission for printing or publishing your own photos. The standard method of delivery is using a file-sharing service through the internet. If you choose, you can make arrangements to meet with me at my studio where I will transfer your photos to your USB drive. I do not offer CD or DVD delivery options unless provided by the client.  

An average client will pay $390 where they get a tailored photo session $100 and 5 standard digital photos for $290. 


10 Things you should know - 

  1. I am your forever back-up! Lose or destroy your digital copies, don't worry, I will always have a copy. Simply contact me and I will send them to you again. I am your back-up's back-up as long as nothing happens to my archives. 
  2. Regardless if I upload the photo to the photo lab, or you upload the photo, it's the same photo file. The result will be the same. Technology has made it where I can concentrate on creating the photography rather than creating the products. As long as I do my job, you can easily make your own professional prints and products.  
  3. A custom session is where you are able to determine the location, the time of day and style in which I create your photography. 
  4. All custom sessions get cropped versions of the photos based upon my professional recommendation. 
  5. The size of the photo will be indicated after the pose number. For example IMG_1234_8x10, indicates it has been cropped for an 8x10 print.
  6. You can change the crop by cropping in more, but it will reduce the resolution. It's better to ask me to re-crop the photo closer to preserve the resolution.
  7. I highly recommend and for your professional printing.
  8.  All photos are delivered through a file-share service via the internet.
  9. When your photos are ready I send you a download link and you have 10 days to download your photos.
  10. All photos are processed 8x12@250DPI unless upgraded to a high-resolution image printable to 40 inches.