New Website!

Welcome to my little corner of the world-wide web! 


Each year, for as long as I can remember, I would update my website. This January I found myself NOT wanting to create another website. The idea of making another glorified brochure was the last thing I wanted to do. Sure, my websites were effective because they showcased my work and pricing, yet I have never felt like they represented me - the artist.   

In becoming a freelance artist, I am learning to embrace the work I want to do not what I have to do or should be doing. My rates can fluctuate based upon how busy I am, the time of year and how much interest I have in doing the work. 

For example, I love to travel, therefore if someone covers my expenses - then I may offer to do the work at a discount because they are covering the cost of my travel. I get to enjoy a fun experience and do something I love somewhere new! This is why I am enjoying destination weddings. It's an amazing experience for both, the client and me, because they work with someone who is creative, experienced and reliable. 

A brochure, although pretty to look at and informational, doesn't really share my love and passion for what I do. Plus - I love to write. However, I must tell you, I am never happy with my writing skills and I am constantly changing or re-writing.  Which, I need to stop doing because I drive myself crazy with it. This is another reason why I was not looking forward to redoing another website. 

Then one day I thought about how I LOVE sharing about my adventures as a photographer. What if I could combine the two - by creating a website that constantly evolves with me - showcasing what I am working on - what I am doing in the moment. Then when the mood strikes I could showcase something I have done in the past. I could share about industry trends, where to shop, what to buy, and how to buy.  

When you have a vast portfolio, like I do, showcasing a handful of photos seems rather insignificant. Plus, I rarely have the time to post on social media and when I do - I feel awkward like I am showboating when in reality I am just trying to share what I am currently doing. If you like my work or my goofiness, then you might find all of this interesting. If all you want is to find the cheapest photographer on the planet, then you are going to find that neither of us want each other. 

I have no interest in working for someone who thinks I am a cheap or inexpensive photographer. Granted, I maybe less than some especially in large markets like New York City, Dallas, St. Louis or Nashville because my overhead is less. The clients I choose to work with appreciate my time, expertise and artistic talent because they recognize my uniqueness and abilities. Those are the people I enjoy working for and push myself to create the best photos/work I can. 

Moreover - let me add - I will never understand why people try to find photographers that see no value in their work or time. If someone is cheap, it's because they don't see the value of their own time, skill or too new to know better. What makes you think they will value YOUR time? Or, what you put into the session? Really - think about this. Why would you trust your most-valued moments like your wedding, your child's babyhood, christening, graduation or anniversary to someone that has no sense of value? Just food for thought, okay - sorry for the little rant there. Whew! I just hit nerve with myself. Goodness!

Let's get back to topic here, my new website. I decided to create a blog style site that allows me to showcase my current and past work. It will take me a while to build up the content and I plan on posting something new each Monday. Thanks for stopping by - I hope you enjoy my new site.

- Jess 

StudioJessica Rosa