Interior, exterior and headshots - oh my!

For a while, I am going to post everything I am working on in order to build up the catalog of my work since I am no longer doing "galleries" or "portfolios". I just finished sending this order to my client since it is hot off the press - I figured I would showcase it. 


They are planning to work on their website and print materials, and they wanted some up to date photos of everybody. Then a few around the office including some exteriors. 

The owner really wanted to capture the beauty of the blooming tree, even though the lighting was not ideal. When I was able to make it back by in the morning a few days later the tree lost some of its blooms, but overall the lighting was far better. 

It was important that the skin tones and retouching was natural looking and not over done. I mostly whitened teeth, fixed some stray hairs and cleaned up some blemishes. I also cleaned up some distracting elements in the interior and exterior photos so they viewer can enjoy the beauty of their office, building and surroundings. 

I just want to say this is the second time I have worked for this company, they are so wonderful to work with. They know what they are doing and their commitment to their clients is so refreshing and welcoming. Not that I should be given a diet coke and cookies at every job I do, but their hospitality was so inviting that I smiled the whole time I was working. 

I really enjoyed working with them and when I need their services in the future, I will be thinking of them.