Four Seasons - a portrait experience!


Imagine... if you will, doing a photo session where everything has been planned for you such as the location, background, decor and/or styling. Kinda like showing up to a wedding where you are the Bride and you put on the dress and everything, every detail has been provided by someone like Joanna Gaines. You get all of the fun while she has has done the planning, preparations, and setting up. You get to focus on enjoying the moment, then afterwards you see all of the photos and pick out your favorites, either immediately after the session or the next day. No detail is overlooked and despite it's 100% custom-tailored look, you get special rates typically less than regular.

This is a Four Seasons photography session!

Here is how it works - have your calendar ready when you call to schedule a Four Seasons session. It is based on a first-come/first serve availability and only the dates offered are available. These are once-in-a-lifetime sets, once the promotion is over the set is gone. After the session, together we will look at the photos. Sometimes it is right after the session, sometimes it may need to be the next day or another day based upon your schedule. 

Each Four Season session includes the session fee and 10 standard digital photos of your choice. They are fully edited and retouched and include my permission to print your own photos or products. Depending on schedule and time of year, the turnaround can be 1-4 weeks, fall sessions can take up to 6-8 weeks. 

If you plan on doing all four of the Four Seasons sessions, you can sign-up to be a member of my VIP program. You will get $100 discount for each session, plus 12 photos instead of 10. Afterwards, in the Spring I will be sending you a digital album of all of your chosen photos. The VIP Four Seasons program is great for those wanting seasonal yet artistic photos. $1000 for 4 photo shoots and 48 professionally produced, artistic images is a pretty great deal!