Queen for a Day


I have had this client for so many years that we have become close friends. On a weekly basis we talk about all sorts of things, especially the things about my work and well-being. I will openly admit many of my ideas or bits and pieces comes from my conversations with her.

Together we are a mess of trouble especially for our bank accounts. She has a prop addiction and she isn't even a photographer, but let me say - she can SHOP! She helps me find stuff all the time and sometimes she loans things to me, so when she has an idea... I am always game. 


Allow me to preface, Terri is a HUGE fan of the royals. Her own wedding dress was inspired by Diana's so when she said that she was throwing a Royal Wedding party, I was not surprised. I would have been there, if I didn't have a client Wedding and the Springfield Symphony Gala on the same night!

When she described the dress and colors, I had a couple of backgrounds in mind based upon some of the reference photos she sent me. She knows that I love having an idea of what appeals to her. My photos won't be duplicates of what she has shown me, although I do like to pull things from the references to ensure she likes what I create. 

Since I knew going in that she only wanted a handful of photos, I stuck with the one background to make it easier. I LOVE how the colors between the background and dress pull from each other. I guess I could have done it outside, but it would have looked "theatrical" like she was going to be in a play, plain or ordinary.

I couldn't resist asking but I was curious how much the dress cost. She had someone in ENGLAND make it then ship it over seas. All she would say is you don't want to know, you don't want to know. Okay - some might say this is overboard but I would say you are missing the point. 

The dress had to be special and so did the photos. As a fan-girl of the Royals and knowing this is the last Royal wedding she will probably see in her lifetime, she wanted it to be something more. I love this about her!! 


Once of these days I will share the "When Doves Cry" session I did with her when Prince died. Complete with Motorcycle and all - these are the things I look forward to sharing in my new site. 

Congrats to the new Duke and Duchess!