Get your 4th of July on!


I love being an American, and I am proud to be one!

I am also not shy to say it either. I know some people may feel differently given the current political atmosphere, but I think they just don't get it. At the end of the day, this is our country and people die to protect it. If you can't be proud, then I say - do something to make it better. 

I am just a photographer in a sea of a thousand, but every year I offer "Americana Portraits". I do this because I want to honor my country. Through my reverence, I hope to help my clients embrace the beauty of being an American especially to celebrate our Independence Day! 

From Friday June 15th until June 27th, I am available for a QUICKTAKE session at my studio. Each sessions is about 30 mins, 15 mins for the photo shoot and 15 mins to look at the photos and place your order. There is no session fee, and you pick the pose you wish to purchase. You can purchase as many as poses as you wish.  One pose is $25, and includes my permission to do your own printing up to an 8x12. It's a little extra for larger photos where it depends on the size.

I also offer custom, multiple image Facebook covers ($10 each), which is a fun way to showcase your photos to your friends on Facebook. 

I have a variety of Red, White and Blue options available including props, however you are welcome to bring your own too! 

Scheduling for this session is closed! Thanks for looking!!