You better watch out, better not cry...Santa Claus is coming to town!

Did you know...I know the REAL Santa?!

I know what you're thinking...there is no such thing as Santa! You're right, the "make-believe, fairy-tale" Santa Claus does not exist. Buuuut, there is a real Santa and I know him. Actually, I take photos of his helpers so they can promote their Santa services. Although, some of the Santa's work for free, many are of them are professionals who invest in their Santa persona. 

They even attend Santa school, seminars and conventions to learn how to be the best and most professional Santa they can be. Let me tell you, it's a lot of fun going to Santa conventions!! It's also a great deal of work. Not only do I haul, build and decorate a real-life set, I do back to back sessions with as many as I can. Then I travel back home, rest a little, and dive into processing, retouching and enhancing my unique, artistic style of Santa photos. 

My Santa's are very excited to get their photos, so I have been busy working on their photos, plus a few weddings and my website. This is a photographer's life! I wish I could tell you it's glamorous like you imagine. Where I push a button and *poof* a perfectly processed, retouched and enhance photo comes straight out of the camera. Honestly, that is a bigger fairy-tale than the mystical Santa!!! 

I can't wait to announce my "Christmas in July" promotion for my studio clients this year. It's going to be AMAZING!!! Especially since I have partnered with the best Santa, ever!

Well, I have to get back to work! I hope you enjoy my little sneak peek of Santa Doug, he was a hoot - we had so much fun during his session. My job may not be glamorous, but it is fun!