Sisters are Forever


I have been photographing Kate and Liz since they were babies. When my studio (Lamb Portrait Studio) was in Galloway, I had met their Mom. Suzanne loved coming to my studio for my children specials - "Little Lamb's" or "Limited Editions".

Basically they were "mini" mini-sessions with a theme. The whole point was to get a couple of photos, while shooting several sessions back to back using the same background. For a while they were super popular, but after 15 years of doing them, I was ready to do something else. Every once in a while I get an itch to do one and I will put together what I now call a "quicktake" session. I still offer "Limited Edition" sessions, but now I call them "Four Seasons".

Back to Kate and Liz, right after the New Year, the girls came in for a session before Kate was going back to school in Scotland. It had been a long time since I photographed the whole session with just the girls by themselves, and I wanted to create something that represented their personalities. Yet, at the same time, capturing the bond of being sisters. This way, while Kate was away, they could have something to remember the feeling of being sisters. Not just a likeness but what it "feels" like to be sisters. 

It was a fun session. I got them talking about each other, sharing memories and the giggles never stopped. When the session ended, it started to snow so we stepped outside for one last pose in the snow. Although,  I remember - it was super cold that day and they wanted to hurry back inside.

We got a couple of poses before heading back into my warm studio. These are the days I appreciate having a studio - climate controlled! I don't think they would've had as much fun if the session was outdoors especially that day. Perhaps this is why I am getting more requests for sessions like these in my studio. It's all good, as the song goes the cold never bothered me anyway.