Married - Bryce & Allie


This is an emotional wedding for me for personal and professional reasons. I have been a client of Heffington's House of Vision since 1992. They are the only company that has provided me with contacts and glasses, it's crazy that Dr. Sweeney has examined my eyes for nearly 27 years!


When I told Heather and Mark that I was going to start a photography studio just around the corner on Fremont and I was running an Easter special with a LIVE baby lamb; I greatly appreciated that they scheduled a session with their little boy. He was so full of energy, I remember having such a great time with him during the session.


Year after year, I continued to photograph the family and Bryce. Then the day came when we were doing his senior photos, and again when he would come home during the holidays while in college. All the while, I would see Heather and Mark for updates on my contacts and glasses and I always asked about Bryce. After all, he and the family had a very special place in my heart. 

I even remember the day when I asked Heather if he had found someone special. I fondly remember the joy on her face, I knew that I was going to meet this very special lady soon. She was indeed special, I dare to say practically perfect in every way. Allie is exactly who I imagine to be with Bryce - she is polite, charming, down-to-earth, beautiful, humble, kind, gorgeous, thoughtful and for a lack of a better word - a total sweetheart! 

The wedding day started with me meeting the Bride and her girls at Honey & Hive Salon, where they were getting their hair and make-up done. I grabbed a few shots then head out to the Cracker Barrel where the guys were having a late breakfast. Their reception was going to be at the Double Tree Hotel which was right across the street. I popped in hoping to get a sneak peek at the reception location but I was too early and they hadn't started setting up. 

However, when I left the hotel, it started to rain - actually it down-poured. I was completely soaked just running 25 feet to my car, so much for doing my own hair and make-up! When I arrived at Drury Chapel, the rain had completely stopped. I was so happy and thankful because I was looking forward to doing some outside photos and I didn't want my gear to get wet.

I always share with my couples that if it rains on their wedding day, it's a blessing for water is how the Lord washes away our sins. The day was indeed blessed, and we got to do some outdoor photos and it wasn't too hot or humid despite the rain. 


I will let the photos below speak for themselves, but over the next few hours - Bryce and Allie along with their closest friends and family took a variety of portraits. We did them here, and there - why we did them practically every where! Everyone was having fun, including me. When we finished, the family got to enjoy some down time with the couple before the ceremony started. At the same time, I was able to capture some 'behind the scene' photos of everyone being casual and relaxed. This is a major advantage of seeing each other before the ceremony. 

The hour before, although perfectly planned, was quickly over and the coordinator was lining everyone up for the processional. I have worked with countless coordinators over the years, but I have to say Samantha Mathews was truly impressive and amazing. She was so prepared. She was focused on the couple and everything going on yet remained an absolute pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her, and I hope to work with her again in the future. 

The ceremony was gorgeous and heartfelt, and the reception was equally fun and full of celebration! Everything about the wedding day was truly beautiful and full of love. I can't believe the little boy I once knew is now a man and married to an equally amazing person. As I fight back the tears while writing this, I cannot thank Bryce and Allie enough for inviting me to capture their love story and wedding day. Inside and out, you two are beyond beautiful and I will always treasure being a part of your day!!