Booking your Session

For custom sessions, I allow 1-2 hours. It depends on whether you want to do in-studio, outdoor, on-location or a combination such as a few in-studio then a few downtown or at a park. My session is fee for a custom session is $100, which covers my time to create the photography. Headshots are a $25 session fee.

Depending upon time and availability, you can view you photos in my studio following the session or the next few days. You are not required to purchase a minimum amount, and you only purchase the photos you like. On average most people spend $300 to $500.

1- 8x10 print with digital copy to make reprints $125 each.

Digital images start at $65 and go down as you purchase more.


Ways to contact me:

Email me

You are welcome to email me about doing an upcoming session at any time.

It’s my goal to be very responsive. If you don’t hear from me within a few days, email me again my spam/junk filters might have gobbled your email.

My email is or



I have 2 Facebook pages, one is for my studio and the other is for my commercial photography.

Click here to connect with my Studio Facebook Page, or here to connect with my commercial work Santa Photography Facebook Page.

I use Facebook Messenger a great deal. It's helpful for me to communicate with my clients on the fly and less fickle than email.


Call or Text

The best way to reach me is by my phone because it’s generally with me. If I don’t readily answer or reply, either I am deeply editing, with a client or taking some time off.

I like to talk, therefore I am really good about answering the phone if I am available.




More information:

My Schedule

As a freelancer, I go where and when I am needed.

I don’t have regular hours because things vary from day to day. However, I do work most week days from 10am to 6pm including Saturday and some Sunday afternoons from 1pm to 5pm.

I only offer weddings and event services from January through August, to reserve my time for the holiday season.



This is my biggest challenge. Most jobs only take a few days to edit, however, I may have 10 to 20 jobs that I am simultaneously working (or waiting to work) on.

It’s my goal to be timely. For the most part, I can finish most jobs in 1 to 4 weeks. Although, during the busier times of the year such as Christmas or Wedding season, it can take longer than I estimated.

All of the editing is managed and completed by me, rarely do I outsource my work. I do this for a variety of reasons yet the primary one is quality. It’s difficult for me to describe everything I do, because it has taken almost 18 years of working with digital photography on a full-time basis to develop my style and quality.

Please understand…Quality takes time.


Santa Claus Commercial Photography

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a special admiration for Christmas and creating elaborate Christmas sets. Honestly, it how I started my monthly children specials back in 1993 long before “mini-sessions” became popular or a thing.