Booking your Session

For custom sessions, I allow 1-2 hours. It depends on whether you want to do in-studio, outdoor, on-location or a combination such as a few in-studio then a few downtown or at a park. My session is fee for a custom session is $100, which covers my time to create the photography. Headshots are a $25 session fee.

Depending upon time and availability, you can view you photos in my studio following the session or the next few days. You are not required to purchase a minimum amount, and you only purchase the photos you like. On average most people spend $300 to $500.

1- 8x10 print with digital copy to make reprints $125 each.

Digital images start at $65 and go down as you purchase more.


Ways to contact me:

Email me

You can email me to book your session, however it may take a few days for me to get back with you.

In the past, I have had issues with receiving and sending mail. Given the fickle nature of email, you may have to contact me again.

My email is or



I have 2 Facebook pages, one is for my studio and the other is for my Santa photography.

Studio Facebook Page

Santa Photography Facebook Page

I use Messenger a great deal. It's helpful for me to communicate with my clients using it because I know they have gotten my messages. Where as, with email I am never really certain.


Call or Text

The best way to reach me is by my phone. Like most people, it's generally with me. I don't answer it much during the weekends because I am usually shooting. Therefore, if you call on Friday it may be Monday or Tuesday before I get back with you.




More information:

My Schedule

Typically I am available most days, sun-up to sun-set including the weekends. As a freelancer, I go where and when I am needed.

However, this year I am dedicating my time to a special project this year. From September to November, my weekends are going to be limited due to my Santa Sessions. For more information, visit my Springfield Santa Experience webpage.

I only photography weddings from January to August, and I am available for travel including destination weddings.



This is always a hard topic for me. It really depends on what projects I have got going on. I do my best to be timely where it may only take 1-2 weeks. Given that I am a one woman show, sometimes it takes 3-6weeks.

I do all of the editing. It's my distinct way of doing  it that gives my photography it's own look and style. Sure, there are those who turn things around within a day or two but I assure you it dosen't look like my photography.

I am not saying this to be arrogant, I just know what it takes to create high end work. The saying is so, so true... Quality takes time.


Santa Claus? Ho, ho, ho - YES!

I know, it sounds silly, but I LOVE Christmas!! For as long as I can remember, I have been creating elaborate Christmas sets. It's kinda how my specials/mini-sessions got started. 

Then one day I started doing sessions where photography was an aspect but the experience of being with Santa was more of the focus. It was amazing!! Goosebump city!

This fall I am dedicating more of my schedule towards offering more Santa sessions. I have a feeling it's going to be incredible! Wish me luck!