How much does it cost?

Although money is always a factor, rarely is it the deciding factor when it comes to hiring a good photographer. If it is, then you are not really hiring or looking for a photographer, rather a picture taker. A picture taker is someone who snaps a bunch of photos just for the sake of doing it, more a utility than service.  On average most people spend $300 to $500 with me. Those who spend more really liked my work and spent more.

Do you photograph Children, families, high school seniors, Pets or large animals, businesses, head-shots, events, or weddings?

Yes, yes, yes. The only thing I don't like to photograph is stuff. Not that I can't do it, because I have done product or catalog work in the past.  It's just boring. Honestly, real estate photography is not all that exciting to me either, but I can "do" it and have for friends. Therefore, it means 3 things - either I must really like you and be personal friends with you, got nothing else going on and need the $$, or you are willing to pay me enough $$ for it to be exciting.  

Do you offer digital photos and Prints?

The majority of my clients purchase my photography digitally with my permission to print. I have a few clients that like me to purchase the prints for them by uploading them to the lab and drop shipping them to their address. Printing is not a cost effective option, however it is convenient to those who would rather have a professional place the order. 


What is resolution?



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