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Four Seasons

Four Seasons

The Four Seasons is a portrait event where I exclusively create the background or find a unique location for that season. Sometimes, I even provide outfits or accessories to further enhance the session. The cost is $350 and it includes 10 digital images of your choice, fully retouched, with my permission to print your own photos. 

If you reserve all 4 seasons, you are a VIP and receive a $100 discount off the regular price for each session, a savings of $400! Plus, you get 12 credits instead of 10. Upon completion of the collection, you will receive a digital album with all of your purchased photos after the holidays either in February or March. 

Where the wild things are - Summer 2016

Where the wild things are - Summer 2016


  • Each session costs $350, which covers the session and 10 photo credits. (VIPs save $100 and get 12 credits!)

  • Photo credits are used to purchase digital photos and/or products.  For example, 1 credit = 1 digital photo or 2 credits = multiple image 5x7 photo-card design

  • Each session is approximately 30-40 minutes, where you will have more than 20 poses to select your favorites.

  • Most sessions are designed for one outfit, although one fast change is allowed.

  • Each season is offered on a limited dates, you must book before it closes.

  • A $150 deposit is required to reserve your session, the balance $200 is due on the day of your session.

  • Purchase all 4 and become a VIP, a deposit of $400 is required at the start and $150 is due per session.

Springtime Ducklings 2016

Springtime Ducklings 2016


2018 Schedule

Four Seasons sessions are ideal for children of all ages including adults, couples, families and pets.

  • SPRING - starting March 3

Our Savior and/or Soft Colors (In-Studio)

  • SUMMER - starting June 2nd

Pirates & Mermaids (In-Studio)

  • FALL - October 6 & 7 (one weekend only)

Big Cedar in Branson (On-location)

  • WINTER - starting November 10th

Stars brightly Shining (In-Studio)