These are the two most asked questions. I really wish my answer could be simple, but it really depends on the session or the services needed. 

Let's start with availability, some jobs are booked months in advance or in the case of weddings, sometimes a year. Some jobs take a month or several months to plan and/or create, and some take 15-20 minutes to set-up or just require specific timing, either at sunrise or sunset. This is why my availability literally changes daily, although on average I can usually accommodate most custom or basic sessions within a week or two. I will say that when I book your session, I always make sure we have enough time. Even with my Quicktakes, which are short sessions, I allow an extra few minutes in case they are needed. The more prepared I am the better the session will go and the happier my clients are with the results.  

How much? This will vary depending on how much time is needed and the degree of difficulty during the session including post production. For example, I charge less for a quick business photo (headshot) because it takes less than 30 mins, and I am only editing and processing a few poses.  For a full custom session where I allow up to 3 hours of my time, the session/reservation fee starts at $150. If you schedule an in-person or a video chat session using Skype or Messenger, I will discount your session $50.  I offer this because it helps me to prepare.

The photos are sold separately as digitals or prints. Digitals are sold individually and start at $65 for one. The price will go down per photo as you purchase more digitals, $55 for 10. You can upgrade your digitals to high-resolution starting at $75, allowing you to print up to a 30x40 inches. Prints are sold individually and start at $125 for one 8x10 or 5x7 including the digital copy. I also offer a variety of digital products you can print on your own or I can print for you. Digitals are transferred through the internet and prints are shipped direct to door by the supplier. 

There is no difference between you ordering your own prints, or me ordering it for you. It's the same photo. Some people like the convenience of doing it themselves, and others like the convenience of someone doing it for them. 

Four Seasons and Quicktakes are bundled services, where the session and a set number of digitals are purchased together in advance. Prints are not offered, and often the session has a theme or specific background. Both sessions are offered on limited engagements and once its over the set or background is gone. Since 1996, when I started creating "monthly themed specials" - people have always loved my specials. Although I may repeat a theme or idea, I can honestly say in 20 years, I have rarely created the same set twice!


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