A legacy session is ideal for mature adults wanting to have an elegant portrait of themselves. We help you to plan your look while giving you the royal treatment to help you feel amazing. The whole session is designed to help you feel and look your best.  Near the end of your session, your spouse or immediate family can join you. 

When it comes to portraits, most people don't know where to start. They look at websites and ask for prices, but they really cannot tell one photographer from another. Each photographer has a way of doing things, and it's important to know what to expect up front. For example, some photographers offer their services and photos as a bundle, some offer only digitals, and others offer digitals with a print purchase. 

As a photography expert, I guide my clients through the entire photography process. We start by deciding on an location or multiple locations: in-studio, outdoors, in-home or on-location. Based upon the location and your personal style, we select the outfits that I feel will compliment you and the photography the best. Based upon my past experience, I do my best to prepare you for the photoshoot. After the photoshoot, we review the photos together. Not only is this a great learning tool for me to understand your style, I am able to share my creative vision. Once you select your favorite poses to purchase, you can choose between digitals, prints or both. The prints are delivered direct to your door by the supplier, and your digitals are sent to you via a fileshare service and the internet.