As an entertainer and performer, image and character development is everything! This is especially true when someone is portraying and representing Santa & Mrs. Claus. We all have a version of Mr. & Mrs. Claus that we associate and personally identify as being the “real” deal. For some people, Santa looks like illustrator Haddon Sundblom’s Coca-Cola version and for others it’s movie actors like Edmund Gwenn or Richard Attenborough, both who portrayed him in the movies Miracle on 34th Street (original and remake). Yet, for me - Santa is more than a face with a white beard, boots, belt and a red suit, who reflects a jolly demeanor. He is the spirit of kindness, the tenderness of giving, the warmth of joy and the symbol of hope that brings goodwill to the whole world. This is why I love creating Christmas photography because it is in my heart. As a full grown adult, I proudly admit that “I believe” in Santa and Mrs. Claus!!

Within the past few years, I have steadily become “Santa’s Photographer” through my Nostalgic Christmas photos for professional Santa and Mrs. Claus performers! It is true there is a place where people go to find their inner “Claus”. Becoming and being a Santa is more than wearing an outfit, it’s understanding how to become the best Santa or Mrs. Claus one can be. My photography has greatly helped many Santa’s and Mrs. Claus’ with my eye-catching photography, they are able to build an audience and embody their role as the Claus’. Once someone sees my Nostalgic Christmas photos, other performers look like they are playing a part verses “being” the part. This level of commitment is why my photography enhances their portfolio and takes their portrayal to the next level.

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