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Santa's Magical Visit

Santa's Magical Visit

As soon as you enter our studio, the magical, nostalgic feeling of Christmas will embrace you.  We invite you to sit back and enjoy the wonderment that Santa's Magical Visit will bring to your children. It will fill your heart full of laughter, love and even a few tears of joy. If you believe like children do, the magic of Christmas lives inside you.

Seeing is Believing
— The Santa Clause movie
"Tea Time" with Santa

"Tea Time" with Santa

Santa's Magical Visit is held each year starting in July through November. Since Santa is a busy, busy man during the holidays, he is only available to visit our studio each month for a few select days. During these days, we offer children a chance to meet Santa Claus in a private setting for one-on-one time.

During this time, the children are allowed to experience him like never before! Starting by the fireplace, where Santa will check the nice list, ask the children what they want for Christmas, show them where the North Pole is while giving them a peek into his Magic toy bag. Then Santa will move over to his workshop, where they will get to help paint toys for other children and be an official teddy bear tester.  After all that work, they take a break for a little milk and cookies while Santa reads "Twas the Night Before Christmas".  Of course, things may vary depending upon the age of the children, the number of participants and any fear or anxiety they may have.  

Our goal is to create a fun, uplifting, natural experience with Santa and capture as many scenes as possible.


Here are some things you should know about J Rosa Photography's magical visit with Santa:

  • Each visit is 30-45 minutes of interactive time with Santa.
  • For the children to stand out, we encourage them to wear green, cream or white pajamas. Avoid red and big patterns like stripes or dots.
  • For children 1-3 years, try not to over-hype meeting Santa. It can create anxiety or celebrity-shock once they meet the real Santa.
  • You will see the photos the following week after your visit, where you will select your chosen poses to purchase.
  • Each digital photo art piece is unique and hand finished by artist, Jessica Rosa. Quality takes time, most orders can take up to a month to deliver due to the level of detail each art piece requires. This is why we begin our sessions in July.
  • You are given permission to print your own photos, including wall prints or metal murals (our favorite), and to make your own holiday cards. Not very computer savvy or do not have a desktop? Schedule an order session with Jessica and she will place your order online for you.
  • Enjoy posting to your social media without studio logo, branding or tagging.
  • Cell phones are not permitted during the session to avoid interruptions and/or distractions.


What are Early-bird sessions?:

  • Early-bird sessions are visits booked in July, August & September - where you get a savings for booking early.
  • How do you explain visiting Santa in July, August or September? Surprisingly children are not as concerned about this as much as parents because they are meeting Santa. If you need to explain, state that since it is pre-season, Santa has more time to visit while the elves are taking care of things. It's also a great way to reinforce "good" behavior!
  • The biggest advantaged to having your photos done early, it allows you enough time to participate in pre-holiday sales! Actually have time to make and order gifts, like pillows or blankets, before the holiday rush and craziness. Plus, if something needs to be redone - again, you have plenty of time.
  • Mail your holiday cards early, right after Thanksgiving! 
  • Most of all, enjoy your art pieces at the beginning of your holiday decorating and not mid-season or days before Christmas.


Cover of custom Storybook "My Magical Visit with Santa"

Cover of custom Storybook "My Magical Visit with Santa"

Session Fee

Since Santa is an icon, any ol' man in a red suit just won't do! We work exclusively with professional Santa's. Who have been personally instructed and directed by portrait photographer, Jessica Rosa, to look and pose just right. Each visit is scripted to maximize the amount of scenes and poses to be captured. The session fee pays for the time associated with taking the photos.

  • Early-bird Sessions - Session fee $300 ($150 due at booking)
    • August 24th - 26th
    • September 28th - 30th
  • October 18th thru 21st - Session Fee $350 ($200 due at booking)
  • November 8th thru 11th Session Fee $400 ($200 due at booking)
  • December 27th & 28th Session Fee $250 - great for cousins & big families ($150 due at booking)
Sample page of "My Magical Visit with Santa" personalized Storybook.

Sample page of "My Magical Visit with Santa" personalized Storybook.


J Rosa Photography offers interest free payment plans. Half of the session fee is due at booking, the other half is due at the session.

Digital Art Pieces

Each art piece is hand-finished by artisan Jessica Rosa. You are purchasing one-of-a-kind art pieces in a digital format with her never-ending permission to print and produce products for personal use.

  • Each piece comes in two printing resolutions, hi-res and standard - $165 each.
  • Collections begin at $1450
  • Custom and personalized Storybook "My visit with Santa" with qualifying purchase. You can print as many copies as you wish!